Welcome to Mateski E-mail Services!
We are now offering reasonably priced e-mail accounts at Mateski.com.
For a $12 US annual fee you can have your own personalized e-mail address, such as:


There are several reasons to consider having an account with us:

It's easily remembered by anyone who needs to send you e-mail.

It gives you a personal e-mail address if you only have a work address.

You can keep the same address even if you switch your ISP accounts.

They can be accessed either as POP3 using a mail client such as Outlook
or used as Web based mail with a browser such as Netscape or Explorer.

It's just plain cool to have, if your surname is Mateski.

These accounts will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.
To ensure that your first name is still available please contact us and we can verify its availability.