When accessing my mail over the web, where do I go to get it?
We currently only offer web access through This is the company that hosts our services. In the upper left hand side of that site, you enter your new e-mail address, and your password.

Do you offer e-mail forwarding?
Yes, you can have any e-mail you receive at your address forwarded to any other address you desire, at NO charge. You control this function yourself, and you do it by logging into your account at There are also many other options and settings you can control by logging in through that site.

Can I have an alias?
Yes, we do allow ONE alias address for each purchased address. Any e-mail sent to the alias address automatically gets forwarded to the address that is purchased. But, at only $12 a year, purchasing multiple addresses for each family member is reasonable. You need to send us a request at and we will activate it for you.

Are there ANY other fees for having this account?
No, just the 12 US dollars per year charge.

How do I get billed for this account?
You can click on the Buy button and follow the instructions for payment through, or you can send a personal check to the address listed on the INFO page.

Does my surname have to be Mateski to have an account with you?
No, anyone can request an account, such as:

PayPal is asking for an e-mail address to make my payment to you, what should I do?
The best thing to do is use any e-mail address that you currently have access to. We will use that address to send a confirmation of payment, as well as instructions on how to set up and access your NEW e-mail address. If you DON'T currently have access to an e-mail address, enter the address you are wanting to acquire from us. Then send US an e-mail at making sure to tell us the address you are requesting and a 6 letter password. You will then be able to access the mail through the web at, where you can pick up your mail which will contain instructions on setting it up as a POP account. Or simply send us a request via our postal address, along with a check. our address is on the INFO page.

Do you offer any other services besides e-mail accounts?
Not currently, but that may change depending on what types of services our clients would like.
One addition already in consideration is to create an area on this site where family histories and genealogy information could be gathered, and listed, in order to help extended family members make themselves known to each other and help trace their own family history.
Another future addition might also be a business directory featuring companies that are owned or operated by Mateski's. With links to any web sites that they may have.
A links page may also be created for any Mateski that would want to post a link to any personal family site. If you think that any of these, or any other ideas would be of interest to you, please contact us.